AnewMed helps hospitals be more environmentally responsible and improve the quality of healthcare through more sustainable resource allocations. We do this by repackaging (cleaning, testing/verifying, packaging and sterilizing) and remanufacturing (disassembling, repairing, and manufacturing) unused medical devices that are marketed in North America as "single use" by the original manufacturer, and which would otherwise be needlessly discarded when the date is expired.

Repackaging and remanufacturing reduces the amount of medical waste going into landfills and allows hospitals to reduce their cost of goods, while ensuring patient safety through an FDA-regulated process.


What Is Medical Device Repackaging?


Benefits of Repackaging

AnewMed repackages high value/never used, date expired disposable medical devices. the only issue is the packaging has expired. This expiration date has nothing to do with the efficacy of the device. Thus, we repackage, re-sterilize and re-label these single use devices and extend their useful life another 2 years.

We collect thousands of SKU's per month of high value date expired devices from hospitals around the country. OEM's include: Covidien, Ethicon, Medtronic, Smith & Nephew, Arthrex, Cordis, Cook, ConMed, Boston Scientific, St. Jude Medical, Gyrus, Stryker, Synthes, etc...

Visit our online store to discover how well our inventory matches your demand. You can buy the exact same OEM device at a 30-50% savings that has been recertified by AnewMed!

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Why are more and more hospitals participating in repackaging programs?

  • Prevents thousands of tons of medical waste from going directly to landfills.
  • Repackaged devices cost approximately one-third less than new devices with the same level of performance and safety.
  • Money saved can be used to reduce the burden of providing excellent care.
  • FDA-regulated repackaging ensures patient safety.


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