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August 2016
AnewMed is pleased to announce the newest addition to its sales team

Serving as Territory Sales Manager for North and South Carolina will be Mr. Tyler May. Based in Raleigh, NC and a graduate of North Carolina State University, Tyler comes to AnewMed with sales experience at a leading manufacturer and distributor of orthopedic braces and devices prescribed for injuries and post-surgical treatment. His experience in the healthcare marketplace helping hospitals and surgery centers address the challenges of increasing costs and decreasing reimbursements, makes him an invaluable addition to the team. Welcome, Tyler!

June 30, 2016
Charlie Evans Joins AnewMed's Board of Directors

AnewMed, Inc.
30 June 2016

AnewMed, Inc. proudly announces that Charlie Evans has joined its Board of Directors as a Non-executive Board Member. Mr. Evans has over 40 years of executive management experience in the health care industry from the facility, to IDN to GPO levels. Charlie is the current President/CEO of the International Health Services Group and a Senior Advisor to Jackson Healthcare. For the previous 11 years, Mr. Evans held increasingly larger roles, successfully managing hospital groups for Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), one the of the leading hospital group in the United States. When he left HCA, Mr. Evans was President of HCA's Eastern Group, which was comprised of 120 hospitals with revenue of over $12 Billion.

Said AnewMed CEO, Rob Bennison: "I am confident that Charlie's experience and insight into the health care industry, especially from the consumer side, will add value and help us to maintain AnewMed's continued high growth rate. Our liquidation and related cost saving services provide real, material savings to a hospital's bottom line. And we can do it year after year."

AnewMed offers cost saving solutions for health care facilities ranging from sourcing in-date, single use devices; to repackaging and re-sterilizing out of date devices to liquidating or sourcing capital equipment. In a typical hospital, AnewMed can save a facility as much as $1000 per bed annually.

May 2016
AnewMed Experiences Triple Figure Year-Over-Year Growth, Seeks Representation in the Carolinas and Texas

AnewMed is in full growth mode!

We've experienced triple-digit growth over the last two years, and are now actively seeking outside sales professionals who want to grow with us! Our model, centered on providing hospitals and ASCs with costs savings solutions on their device- and capital spend, has gained significant traction and we are currently seeking reps in the Carolinas and eastern Texas.

If you or someone you know has a proven track record of outside sales experience in a stimulating environment, we want to speak with them! Please contact AnewMed at 770-263-9633 to learn more.

February 9, 2016
AnewMed Awarded Equipment Liquidation and Related Services Agreement with Premier, Inc.

Tucker, GA - February 9, 2016 - The AnewMed Corporation has been awarded a group purchasing agreement for Equipment Liquidation and Related Services with Premier, Inc. Effective May 1, 2016, the new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for Equipment Liquidation and Related Services.

Services Offered Today
Liquidation services offered today allow a healthcare facility to recoup a portion of its spend on assets no longer needed. These assets include but are not limited to unwanted capital equipment and disposable surgical inventory.

Technology Innovation for the Future
Coming in 2017, AnewMed's unique supply technology exchange process will automate the connection of motivated sellers with motivated buyers by matching a member's need for product that may be sitting unused in another member's facility. Using proven P2P technology, members will be able to expose their unused assets on the exchange for immediate availability to the entire membership.

As healthcare shifts to a fee for value reimbursement model, bending the cost curve of every spend category will become paramount. AnewMed delivers demonstrated cost optimization for all categories and service lines.

Premier is a leading healthcare improvement company, uniting an alliance of approximately 3,600 U.S. hospitals and 120,000 other providers to transform healthcare. With integrated data and analytics, collaboratives, supply chain solutions, and advisory and other services, Premier enables better care and outcomes at a lower cost.

About AnewMed
AnewMed is a Georgia based company that provides programs and solutions for healthcare facilities of all sizes to monetize unwanted assets, whether unwanted inventory or capital equipment, by the removal, repackaging and re-sterilization of medical devices, resale, liquidation, and the sale or procurement of capital equipment -- all at substantial savings for the purchaser.

November 2015
AnewMed Helps Hospital Liquidate Disused Equipment

AnewMed was approached by a hospital customer in the southeast needing to liquidate some outdated capital equipment. Although the items were of an older generation, AnewMed's vast network of domestic and international healthcare affiliates identified a buyer in short order. The transaction put tens of thousands of dollars back into the hospital's coffers and freed up much-needed space inside the facility.

Helping customers free up resources for the things that matter. That's what we do. Call us today for more info: 1-770-263-9633

October 2015
AnewMed Pays Customer Thousands For Their Expired Devices

One of AnewMed's customers received a commission check for nearly $3,000 in October for their repackaged consignment stock. Devices that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill were renewed, and the customer was able to realize significant revenue from it. Taking advantage of AnewMed's repackaged consignment program is a great way to earn money back on your date-expired devices.

Repackaged Consignment defined: When a customer sends in their expired devices, AnewMed repackages/re-sterilizes what it can* and keeps the stock at a designated consignment location. When stock sells from that location, the associated customer earns 25% of the proceeds. Checks are cut monthly.

*Some devices not eligible. Click here for list of ineligible devices.

September 2015
Report Reveals Six-Figure Savings For A Single Hospital

A recent spend report for a 300-bed hospital in the southeast revealed AnewMed had saved it an average of $33,000 per quarter, or $132,000 annually. That's in addition to monthly rebate checks the facility was receiving for their unwanted surgical devices. By taking a multi-faceted approach--purchasing in-date & repackaged items from AnewMed's stock, recertifying their eligible expired devices, and taking advantage of consignment and rebate options--they were able to markedly impact their bottom line. If you'd like to learn more about these programs, call 1-770-ANEWMED and see how we can help you save on the devices you use most!

August 2015
AnewMed Hires Territory Sales Manager For Florida Market

We are pleased to announce Gina Bird has joined our team as Outside Territory Sales Manager for the state of Florida. Gina comes to us with 10-plus years of medical and commercial sales experience. Her singular mission will be to help healthcare facilities across the sunshine state to save more money! From repackaging of single-use devices, to liquidation of surgical assets, to helping procure discounted capital equipment, Gina is here for you! Contact us today to help your facility eliminate waste and improve its bottom line!

July 2015
AnewMed Helps Customer Save 35% on Capital Orthopedic Drill Set

AnewMed was approached by a customer who needed an orthopedic drill set but was having trouble finding the capital within their budget to purchase. Utilizing an extensive network of surplus equipment partners, AnewMed was able to provide a refurbished, biomed-tested, warrantied drill set that exceeded the customer's expectations and came in well under budget.

Give AnewMed a call if you'd like to learn more about capital, device and device renewal cost-saving programs. We are here to help!

June 2015
Glowing Referral From a Satisfied Repeat Customer

"AnewMed has helped us in several ways. We're able to purchase items out of their inventory at a significant cost savings, while recouping on expired and opened unused items by way of their re-sterilization program. They help us to liquidate and monetize unwanted assets that accumulate over time. When we need monthly or quarterly analysis, they provide us with hard reports on how the hospital is saving money.

They help us to de-clutter, save money, and improve the financial bottom line for the hospital." - Don, Materials Management in Alabama

May 2015
Anewmed Sterilizes Endo-mechanical Devices for Customer and Saves Them Thousands!

In April AnewMed was approached by a hospital customer in the mid-west with a problem: two-and-a-half years earlier they had overpurchased a large quantity of endo-mechanical devices, and due to lack of demand they were now sitting on them expired.

AnewMed was able to help by re-sterilizing small batches of select items from their expired product (helping them hold tighter to par levels), and by offering additional compensation for the remaining unwanted expired items. Turning what they initially believed to be a total loss into not only cost savings but a revenue stream, the customer was ecstatic.

April 2015
AnewMed Provides Capital Equipment Cost-savings Solution to International Client, Saving Them Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

AnewMed was approached to provide a cost savings capital equipment solution to an international client. The challenge the client faced was that the budgeted capital equipment dollars to fully outfit a healthcare facility was not sufficient to procure the needed equipment to make the facility fully functional. AnewMed was approached to help find a solution to the problem. AnewMed was able to utilize refurbished, warrantied capital equipment to meet their needs sufficiently and also save them hundreds of thousands of dollars. The client was not only able to procure the needed capital equipment and stay under budget, they were also able to look to AnewMed to provide a turnkey solution for their needs, a total equipment solution and logistical support. Please call AnewMed if you desire cost savings solutions in both the medical device arena as well as capital equipment.

March 2015
AnewMed Provides Sterile Endo-mechanical Devices at Half Price to Customers in Alabama

Utilizing AnewMed's process of repackaging and sterilization a large hospital in Alabama was able to save roughly $2,500 on one purchase order to AnewMed. The endo mechanical devices that were purchased by the hospital were sterile with an expiration date of 2017 at a cost forty percent less than the hospital had been paying. The hospital was also able to buy the units in single unit of measure in lieu of purchasing the devices in a bundled box or pack. The solution allowed the customer to not only save money on each device, it also allowed them to control their cost even further by buying the quantity they desired. AnewMed can help monetize your dead surgical stock while simultaneously allowing you to participate in the cost savings on the procurement of surgical devices as well. Please call us today!

February 2015
AnewMed Helps Large IDN Save 50% on Surgical Devices

AnewMed executes a sterilization deal with an IDN in the southeast to save 50% on daily used surgical devices. AnewMed will be taking vast sums of expired surgical devices collected by a group of networked Hospitals and repackage and sterilize those items for 50% of their original value. The collaboration allows the IDN to save an estimated $50,000 plus dollars in the first quarter of 2015. The relationship allows the IDN to keep inventories leaner, be more cost efficient, and environmentally friendly at the same time.

January 2015
AnewMed Helps Large IDN Liquidate Unwanted Medical Devices

AnewMed executes a deal with a large IDN in the southwest to help liquidate their unwanted surgical devices. This solution will put tens of thousands of dollars back into the system and eliminate waste simultaneously. This custom solution brought value to a Hospital network that had no turnkey plan for liquidating non-performing assets. AnewMed had to work within the framework of the company's asset policy to ensure that the solution presented was in accordance with the customers internal accounting practices as well.

June 9, 2014
AnewMed Announces New Sales Leadership Team

AnewMed has officially announced the hiring of two dynamic business development professionals to spearhead the sales, marketing and distribution efforts across all healthcare markets. This action should allow AnewMed to continue its march towards the achievement of providing a total cost savings solution to the healthcare industry.

Shaun Potter and Clay Johnson come to AnewMed with a combined 20 years of sales and business development experience. Shaun and Clay will have the title of co-National Sales Directors. Shaun and Clay have extensive knowledge of the Healthcare and capital equipment markets. Their goal will be to provide cost savings solutions to hospitals, surgery centers, and other Healthcare entities across the country.

The aim of the company will be to reduce both the operating and capital spending of Hospital and Surgery centers across the country. This valued service is brought to the market through a three pronged approach. First, AnewMed has access to both repackaged and short dated single use medical devices. This service can save a procurement specialist roughly thirty to forty percent on matched medical devices. Second, AnewMed is your source for used capital equipment and sales. AnewMed can not only provide used capital equipment to save a buyer thousands of dollars, it can also sell your capital equipment for you, providing the capital you need for your next purchase. Lastly, AnewMed provides distribution and logistical services to the medical manufacturing market.

To learn more about these services please reach out to Shaun or Clay below, or visit

Anewmed is a total cost savings solution company servicing the Healthcare industry based out of Tucker Ga. For more information please visit

To contact Shaun Potter; 615-939-0300 or

To contact Clay Johnson; 205-504-4631 or

July 10, 2013
AnewMed Forges Partnerships with Nonprofits to Benefit Developing Countries, U.S. Hospitals and Environment

ATLANTA, GA In a unique private/public partnership, AnewMed is forging relationships with nonprofits that collect and ship desperately needed medical supplies to developing countries.

AnewMed, a privately held, for-profit company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, works with hospitals to avoid needlessly sending date-expired medical devices to overflowing landfills by diverting them into the companys repackaging program. The medical devices are inspected/verified, repackaged, relabeled and sterilized, allowing them to be resold with new two-year expiration dates at a substantial discount.

Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations (MSROs) are nonprofits that work with hospitals to collect clean, unused medical supplies for donation to developing countries. Generally a healthcare organization will have one or more barrels where supplies can be deposited. The contents are gathered by the MSRO, then sorted, packed and shipped to areas in need.

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April 2, 2013
AnewMed's Medical Device Repackaging Program Offers Environmental, Financial Benefits to Hospitals

ATLANTA, GA Hospitals generate more than four billion pounds of waste annually, a staggering amount that puts the industry second only to food service. This waste often includes expensive, unused medical devices that are discarded simply because they are past their use-by date.

Atlanta-based AnewMed has a solution that not only reduces the amount of waste material, it also reduces the amount of money wasted.

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August 2016

AnewMed is pleased to announce the newest addition to its sales team
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June 30, 2016

Charlie Evans Joins AnewMed's Board of Directors
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May 2016

AnewMed Experiences Triple Figure Year-Over-Year Growth, Seeks Representation in the Carolinas and Texas
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February 9, 2016

AnewMed Awarded Equipment Liquidation and Related Services Agreement with Premier, Inc.
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November 2015

AnewMed Helps Hospital Liquidate Disused Equipment
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