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Repackaging Solutions

Download our repackaging brochure, or see a list of devices we can and cannot repackage.

AnewMed works with hospitals to divert date-expired medical devices from the landfill into the company's repackaging program. The medical devices are inspected/verified, repackaged and sterilized, allowing them to be used to help patients rather than sent to the landfill. Not only does this reduce the amount of waste, it also reduces costs. Hospitals purchasing repackaged devices pay approximately 1/3rd less of the original cost depending on the device and the demand.

AnewMed's repackaging program offers numerous benefits to hospitals and healthcare providers.

  • Financial Benefits Reprocessed devices cost approximately one-third less than new devices with the same level of performance and safety. If just 1% or 2% of all the disposable medical devices used in the U.S. today were reprocessed, the healthcare industry would save a billion dollars every year. And unlike some reprocessors, AnewMed maintains consistent pricing.

  • Environmental Benefits Hospitals generate more than four billion pounds of waste annually, a staggering amount that puts the industry second only to food service. Approximately 30% of the supplies used in hospitals including catheters, tubes and surgical devices are now available for reprocessing, offering significant benefits for healthcare providers in many specialties.
Are Repackaged Devices Right for You?

Our partners include a full range of hospitals from small rural providers, community hospitals and surgery centers to large academic medical centers, integrated delivery networks and group purchasing organizations. Regardless of size and location, we are able to deliver maximum financial and environmental impact through our medical device repackaging services.

The regulated medical device repackaging industry is overseen by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which requires registration of all repackaging companies like AnewMed. This assures hospitals and patients that the products they receive meet the highest quality standards for sterility & safety.

AnewMed's expertise in advanced medical device technology, the highest standards in quality assurance, and solutions-based clinical implementation, channeled through our unwavering commitment to patient safety and our partners success, is improving patient care through the wise, efficient use of scarce healthcare resources.

Quality Guaranteed

Here's why you should trust AnewMed for repackaged medical devices:
  • Protocols ensure that your devices meet the highest standards in terms of quality, functionality and safety before being returned to your facility.
  • Offer a broad and complete product line that is safely and reliably reprocessed to FDA standards.
  • AnewMed has developed excellent methods and controls to ensure our devices are as safe and effective following repackaging as they were as original devices.

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