The inspiration behind AnewMed came from CEO Rob Bennison’s decades of experience in the medical device industry. “I saw waste on all sides of the healthcare industry—from the OEMs, to hospitals, and out into the supply chain. Despite myriad sustainability and ‘Go Green’ initiatives, I didn’t see any that directly targeted the growing cost of healthcare for hospitals and patients. I started AnewMed to deliver a significant and comprehensive cost saving solution that so many hospitals are searching for and patients deserve."

Anewmed’s mission is to help hospitals and other medical providers fight their soaring costs by preventing the unnecessary disposal of perfectly good medical devices. Each year tens of millions of dollars of single-use medical devices are sent to landfills rather than being used to help patients. This typically comes from operational inefficiencies, changes in preference, or simple convenience for medical organizations. The total cost is staggering. We combat this by taking unused, in-date and expired medical devices, resterilizing and repackaging those devices, and recycling those devices to the medical providers to help them save money while also improving their environmental impact.

Our customers include a full range of hospitals from small rural providers, community hospitals, and regional surgery centers to large academic medical centers, integrated delivery networks, and group purchasing organizations. Regardless of size or location, we are able to deliver compelling financial and environmental impact through our savings solutions.

Our Values

  • Patient Safety - We believe that patient safety is the #1 goal. We express this value through our commitment to meet and exceed all regulations, to work proactively to set industry standards, and to partner with our customers to deliver repackaged devices that are as safe and functional as new ones.
  • Integrity - It is paramount to our success to always conduct our business with the highest ethical, legal, and industry standards. Our reputation is established by honesty and fairness in all of our activities.
  • Excellence - Striving for excellence is an enormous driving force at AnewMed. This is achieved by serving our customers with quality, reliability, and efficiency. We will continuously seek out new and improved technologies and methods to enhance the quality of our services and performance.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Our success is dependent on your satisfaction, and we strive to meet your needs in a way that anticipates and exceeds expectations through superior service, support, and price.
  • Environmental Awareness - Every device we repackage, or help you sell, is one less device discarded in a landfill. Responsible environmental stewardship is core to our business and motivates us to continually pursue ways to increase efficiencies and reduce waste while we expand the volume and types of devices we supply our clients. We are your waste reduction partner.